PERM Labor Certifications

When a U.S. employer wants to hire a foreign-national on a permanent basis, the HR department must first start a complex procedure called “labor certification”. Our office expertly prepares and submits the complete PERM Labor Certification Application online directly to the Department of Labor via the electronic filing system called Program Electronic Review Management (PERM).

Did you know…

The U.S. Department of Labor recently confirmed that 42% of all PERM Labor Certification Applications are audited and that one half of the audited Applications are denied by DOL.

The Top 5 Reasons for audit and denial are:

  • The requirements for the job are not normal or are unduly restrictive.
  • The job requirements represent a combination of occupations.
  • Alternative requirements are not properly articulated or are not equivalent.
  • Advertisements are deficient.
  • Clerical errors in completing the Application.

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